Acrylic Finish

Acrylic is a stylish and elegant finish. The ultra glossy option is typically used for high-end kitchens. There’s also been a steady rise for homeowners to use acrylic finish for their bedroom wardrobes to create a plush space.

A type of finish similar to lacquer, acrylic is a non-toxic, reflective high gloss finish which can give cabinets a smooth appearance. It is available in a wide range of colours and will give a mirror-like look to your kitchen cabinets or wardrobes.

Acrylic finishes retain their colour and brightness for ages and are available in plenty of vibrant colours.

While acrylic finishes are not entirely scratch resistant, they do not delaminate, tarnish, or fade away. They do tend to get scratched over the years, but always appear ultra-glossy and relatively smooth. However, they need regular cleaning as dirt, stains and fingerprint marks are more visible on them.

As acrylic finishes are aesthetically more appealing and are easy to clean, they come with higher price tags.