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F.No - 403, Sai Tulasi Residency, Dwaraka Nagar Phase-2, Gajularamaram, Kukatpally, Hyderabad 500055

Phone: +91 9063777222


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RedB Plywood - Plywood Manufacturing Company

RedB Ply India Pvt Ltd, started as one of the plywood manufacturing company in 2011 with IS:710 standards, an idea of providing customers with best quality ply which has 10 years warranty on the ply.

Plywood is an important aspect of modern architecture and is primarily used to create the design aspects of the modern houses. Unique GLP formula makes every ply borer and termite proof.

RedB Plywood promises the best quality plywood at the best afforable price. As a brand, we make sure that our production does not affect the environment. 70% of our production is generated through automated technology, ensuring on time delivery at a cost effective price. The timber used for the production is always derived from farmlands, to maintain the ecological balance in the environment. RedB plywood is manufactured in such a way to suite and accommodate with the dry and humid climatic conditions. Our plywood is boiling waterproof , Termite proof, Swell proof , Bend proof , Slam proof and Borer proof.